Cordia Build Ups!
Wayne's Cordia GT
- Words and Photos By Wayne Davison
Hi, my name is Wayne Davison.
I purchased my Cordia as a mint car in April 1998. It came with original AM radio and 13" steel wheels.

During 2002 the car gained "hobby car" status and I decided to do a few things.

The speed warning alarm was disconnected. I got some 14' alloys with directional tyres off a 1992 GSR lancer.
A Pioneer head unit and JBL speakers were installed. The doors were panelbeated.

This year I got any rust around the hatch taken out.

It hasn't been all plain sailing but I have had a lot of satisfaction driving this car.At the end of my road is a very steep hill. The Cordia can  pull 100km/h before the first crest.