Lucky 12!
Lucky 12!
This Tony Rigoli Performace built Cordia has a 2litre 4G63BT 12 Valve Dash powered engine that has 270hp at the front wheels & a 1/4 mile  E.T. of 12.1@113mph.
Making it one of the quickest street legal FWD cars in Oz!.
A 12 Second quarter and  270HP at the wheels!
To find out more about this sensational Cordia and many other great performance cars visit Tony Rigoli Performance at...
Mitsubishi Cordia GSR
Engine mods:
Sirius 4G63BT DASH 1997cc SOHC 12V EFI 4cyl turbo 
Turbonetics T-3/4 non-rollerbearing turbo,
Micks Metalcraft intercooler,
Forged pistons
MSD Ignition
Custom exhaust manifold, 3" exhaust system,
Boost Control: Turbonetics
racegate wastegate
Microtech MT-8 Engine Management.