Cordia Build Ups!
Written By Lance Roughsedge
I have had my car since November 2001 and since then I have done many mods.
I started with a 1986 Mitsubishi Cordia GSL (Carbi 1.8L Non-Turbo) and within 2 months the carbi dies and I have that replace (That was a hard task due to Ultra Tune who put on the new carbi did a sh*t job and ended up killing my cat converter with a screwdriver and leaving the remains in the exhaust).
Then after I finally got the car back from Ultra Tune (Murdering *******) I had to replace the exhaust system because of a blocked exhaust (Due to the dead Cat) and that set me back aprox $800 (The exhaust that I got was a set of extractor 4-2-1, 2 ¼ strait though exhaust hollowed cat and 3” Tip).

I then lost my job so I ended up just scrapping in enough money for petrol for a few months and then scored a new full time job with an oil company (Network Admin) and this started Rollin in the money so the new mods were planed and the fun began.

First big mod was the new motor:

1.8L SOHC TURBO motor from a Cordia Turbo (AB Model with unleaded fuel)

I them found myself talking to a Cordia owner in Bumbry (Eon from Chosen Motor Sport) about some other parts that he had for sale, when he showed me his turbo motor up on the bench.
He said that he wanted to sell the motor and start on a 2.0L motor for his car. 
The motor had these mods:
Custom MPI
Ported/polished head 
Stainless valves
Race cam & scat springs
Bored .040"
Hypertec pistons
Hastings rings
Lightened and balanced flywheel
Shot preened crank & rods
New bearings
Balance shafts Removed
Darken brass button clutch
Hiflow turbo
Braided turbo lines
Polished rocker cover 
Cable clutch
RX7 Series 5 Intercooler
Microtech MT8 computer with 4-line handset 
GReady Type S BOV.
I fell in love with the motor and said I would let him know on the following Monday if I could afford the motor. So after the weekend I went back to work and look at my money that I have and the money that I could get and came up with yes I can afford it.
So off to the bank to get some money and I was well on my way to getting the motor in.
We have set up a time to put the motor in and allowed ourselves 3days to get everything in the car and for it to be able to drive away.
Before I could put the motor in I had to get some parts for the conversion of the car the list being:
1: I needed new brakes so I got some AB GSR brakes out of the paper.
2: I also needed some new Drive shafts. 
3: And the last thing that I needed was money to go down from Perth to Bumbry to fit the motor.

Finally the day came that I was driving sown to Bumbry. I went around to my mates place and picked him up so that we had a second car encase we could not drive the car back to Perth before the end of the weekend.
It took us about 2hours to get to Bumbry and when we got there we meet up with Eon and made our way to his workshop and started to get things moving.
Because the car was very hot after a 2-hour drive we started to pull off only the parts that were not hot. After the car had cooled down we started to pull all the big stuff off the car and took the motor out.
The same night we were able to put the new motor in with power steering and a few other extras in.
After the long day working we went out for a cruise and see a couple of Eons mates for some street cruising and found ourself with a large group of cars from the V6 Commodore to the 180sx.
The next day we completed the last of the conversion and started to make our way back to Perth (Mind you it was like 12:30am by this time).

After a month I ended up getting a yellow sticker due to the intercooler hanging out a bit from the bodywork and a few other minor things I thought that it was time to put on the body kit.

The Body Kit Part 1:
I have a bit of a chat wit Raymond from CarQuest and he showed me a few kits and I found the 200sx Veil Side front bumper that I thought would look mad on the Cordia so I said I will take one of those. :P

It took 2 weeks to get the body kit from Japan and after that I took the car to CarQuest and they started their work on my Cordia.

Here are some pics after 1 week:

Here are some pics after 2 weeks:
Here are some pics after 3 weeks:
And here is the final product:
So after 4 weeks and of modifying the kit they said that it was complete and they handed me a bill of $1600 wow there goes all my pay for this month L.

After getting the car back I had just enough time to get the car to the Perth [CABIN] Auto Salon on the Friday night here is a pic at the show:

But now I am waiting to pay off a few bills (Rego and stuff) then I will be looking into the side skirts and rear wing.

Till next time………….. Lance