.The Original Affordable Performer!
The Original Affordable Performer
The Mitsubishi Cordia Turbo officially arrived in Australia in 1984 and became an instant hit!. The Cordia Turbo was entheusiastically greeted by the Australian Motoring Public as a High Performance Vehicle without the exotic price tag. The Cordia Turbo could not be matched in the "Bang for your buck$" department. Its major competitors of the time were Nissan's Pulsar EXA/ET & Diahatsu's Charade Turbo. 

Performance wise the Cordia Turbo was more than a match for the more expensive vehicles like the Toyota Supra, MR2, Nissan 300Z, Mazda RX7, Holden Piazza, Alfa Romeo GTV, Brock V8 Commodore's and Mitsubishi's own Starion

Move up or move over!
Car Magazines of the time had nothing but positive things to say about Mitsubishi's little turbo rocket. Even Wheels Magazine recalls during its 1985 Heavyweight Sports Car Performance Comparison" between Alfa Romeo's V6 GTV, Toyota's Supra, Mazda's RX7 and Mitsubishi's Starion. Were all out gunned by the current model AB Cordia Turbo. Which was originally only brought along to the performance test comparison to carry the magazines camera crew. 
Back in 1985 it would have been nothing short of amazing for a sub $20K (AUD) 1.8L turbo Front wheel drive to run a V8 beating high 15 second ET straight out of the showroom. 
The Cordia Turbo soon developed a reputation as a real straightline street rocket with good chuckable handling to match.  The Australian spec AA, & AB Cordia GSR  came factory fitted with the  rally proven Sirius 4G62BT 1.8L fuel injected turbo mill which developed 110kw in stock form.
But as the clock ticked over to 1986 the introduction of Unleaded fuel in Australia saw a huge decrease in performance for the Newly released AC Cordia GSR down to 90kw.. 

Today second hand Cordia Turbo's represent outstanding value for money. They have good performance modification potential, safe handling and offer a high build quality with a comfortable interior.

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