Chris's 1986 Mitsubishi Tredia GLS began life as a Naturally asprated 1.8L Carby stocker. But that all soon changed when this red 1984 AB Cordia GSR became an engine donor for this Tredia., The TC06 Turbocharged 4G62BT 1.8L Cordia mill was rebuilt and transplanted into the Tredia. 
Mods for this Speedy Tredia include K&N air filter in cut airbox, Blow-off valve from GT Starlet, Boost tap, Boost gauge and the Balance shafts removed. The clean and classy exterior has been further complimented by a set of 14 inch Cordia alloy wheels.
Future plans for this great sleeper are a New Paint job, Rear Boot Spolier, A New set of alloys and an Intercooler from an RX7.
Beneath the Shell of this Tredia GLS beats a red hot turbocharged Cordia heart.


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